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16 March 2013, 16:27

Elephant for killing three people under trial in India

Elephant for killing three people under trial in India

The incident with Ramachandran (the name of the elephant) happened in Kerala on January 27. During a religious festival, the elephant suddenly went berserk and started massacre, in which three women were killed. After that, a criminal case was invoked against the animal. However, the persons involved in it were representatives of the Management Committee of the Perumbavur municipality temples, reports UK Malayalee.

The 45-year-old elephant was arrested and is kept under the supervision of the environmental department, and its owner had to pay 30 lakh rupees and to find two guarantors. In addition, after this incident, the elephant is banned for three months to participate in the festivities and processions of such events.

Ramachandran, after a medical examination found him dangerous, had to miss a special event on February 12. Re-examination will be done after three months, and then the court will decide the fate of the animal.

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