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9 May 2013, 16:39

The Blue Headscarf

The Blue Headscarf

Klavdiya Ivanovna Shulzhenko was a popular female singer of the Soviet Union. During World War II, Shulzhenko performed about a thousand concerts for Soviet soldiers in besieged Leningrad and elsewhere. The lyrics of one of her prewar songs, “The Blue Headscarf”, were adapted so as to suit wartime realities.

I remember how on an unforgettable evening
Your headscarf fell from your shoulders
As I bid farewell and I promised
To keep the blue headscarf

And although you are not with me
Today beloved, darling
I know you are hiding the blue headscarf
With love in your headboard

Receiving your letters
I hear your darling voice
And among the seams of the blue headscarf
It arises before me again

And often in battle
Your face bids me farewell
I feel close to your look of love
You are with me constantly

How many precious headscarfs
We carry with us in our great-coats!
Gentle words
Girls' shoulders
We remember in the military campaign

For them - dearest
Cherished, beloved and suchlike -
A machine-gunner jots on a blue headscarf
That was on dear shoulders!

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