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1 October 2013, 19:54

What did German chemists supply to Syria ?

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A chemical scandal has erupted in Germany. The government has acknowledged that two years ago it allowed the German companies to supply to Syria substances that can be used not only for the production of peacetime goods, but also for the production of chemical weapons . The details of this scandal were revealed to "The Voice of Russia” by the chief editor of the German magazine «Zuerst» Manuel Ochsenreiter.

Berlin supplied Syria about 360 tons of chemicals in total from 1998 to 2011. This was reported on Monday by the Ministry of Economy and New Technologies of Germany . Until 2011, when the crisis broke out in Syria, the country was simply considered an ordinary trading partner in Europe .

In June 2010, a delegation of German business visited Syria, and established direct contacts with local companies, says Manuel Ochsenreiter :

“At that time, nothing was said about the "evil dictator " or "dictator ", as well as the fact that we cannot continue business relations with this country. It happened suddenly, when in March 2011, German foreign policy towards Syria changed overnight. The history of export of chemicals to Syria was a history of normal business relationship that turned into hypocrisy.”

Now, some people in the West are viewing all past contacts with Syria through a microscope and exposing such contacts almost as a crime . Meanwhile, at a time when those contacts were made, the Assad regime was considered a politically moderate and reliable partner in the economic sense . Against this background, it seems strange that no one is interested in looking at today's military contracts of Germany with those countries that are located in potentially explosive areas, says Manuel Ochsenreiter :

“We do not discuss other things in Germany, for example, the export of the most modern military submarines to Israel. Israel is believed to have two hundred nuclear warheads. And these submarines are capable of firing such missiles.

According to Manuel Ochsenreiter, the noisy debate on old-time deliveries of chemicals to Syria against this background is a clear sign of hypocrisy. The analyst believes that this situation is explained by non-independence of German foreign policy . Instead of acting in the interests of the German people, the government is focused on Brussels and Washington, concludes the journalist.

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