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4 September 2013, 20:57

Seven EU countries support military intervention against Syria without a UN mandate

химическое оружие Сирия химоружие

In addition to France, military intervention against Syria without a mandate from the UN Security Council is supported by six more EU states. 

This was reported to RIA Novosti by a European diplomatic source in Brussels. According to him, Denmark, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Latvia and Cyprus are “for” the strike without a UN mandate. A common EU position with regard to a possible military intervention against Syria by a number of Western countries will be worked out by Foreign Ministers of 28 countries of the EU, who plan to meet at an informal meeting on the 6th -7th September in Vilnius. Over the weekend, U.S. President Barack Obama asked Congress to approve of air strikes on Syria after the events of 21st August. Washington believes that on the day, the Syrian government used chemical weapons in the outskirts of Damascus, which killed more than 1.4 thousand people.

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